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r, Toutiao's f▓ounder Zhang Yiming said that going global would remain one of the company's key strategies.Guo Quanzhong, a senior economist with the Chinese Academy of Governance,▓ said that the Belt and Road initia


tive had brought about new opportunities for China's Internet companies to expand overseas."We encourage more Chinese companies to build adequate platforms to ▓tell stories about China and spread China▓'s voice to a global audience," Guo said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlea

se scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatNews Analysis: Trump's visa ban stirs controversy, but some say he's just doing ▓his jobNews Analysis: Trump's visa ban stirs controversy, but some s▓ay he's just doing his jobNews An▓alysis: Trump's visa ban stirs controversy, but ▓some say he's just doing his job02-02-2017 1▓0:24 BJTBy Matthew RuslingWASHINGTON, Feb. 1 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Donald Trump's temporary visa ban on seven majority▓ Muslim countries has sparked controversy, a

s critics condemn it as poorly plan▓ned and

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executed while supporters say he▓ is only fulfilling a campaign p▓romise.The weekend saw much controv▓ersy over a temporary ban on immigration from seven nations that have a serious problem with terrorism. The ban


comes a▓s terror groups such as the Islamic State have conducted deadly attacks ▓worldwide, and as Trump continues to promise he will take action.Critics said th▓e ban was poorly implemented, as it has l▓eft in limbo some of those who have worked for the U.S. military, and media reported th▓at one parent of an active U.S. marine was detained upon arrival in the United States.The ban also targets some green card holders from those countries, who were already vetted and approved for perma▓nent legal residence. The White House later cl▓arified that the ban does not aff▓ect those green card holders.Ev▓en some officials in the Jus

tice Department and State Department, as well as▓ Democratic lawmakers, expressed opposition to the ban, citing the U.S. as an immigrati▓on country should welcome anyone who escape suffering and persecution.Trump fired Actin▓g Attorney General Sally Yates on Monday after she▓ advised Justice Department lawyers not to defend the travel ban because it is inco▓nsistent with the agency's obligation to alway▓s seek justice and stand for what is right."Trump's visa ban was poorly-planned a

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on Senior Fellow Darrell West told Xinhu▓a.The security personnel responsible for imp▓lementing the policy were completely confused on what the policy required and who was affected by it, West said."The result was an overly draconian execution that (impacted) innocent people who posed no security risks to the United States

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," he said.Republican Strategist Ford O' Connell told Xinhua that

Trump is mer▓ely doing what his supporters elec▓ted him to d

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